On War and Peace

No, I am not planning to read the book as my “quarantine project.” No one needs to do anything extra right now - anything more than what they must. Seriously.

War and peace is a theme I am playing with for a book I want to write about healing.

How do people heal deeply? What does a body/mind/spirit need in order to heal, if healing/health is defined as being in a state of balance, equilibrium, thriving?

I believe it is the exact opposite of what medicine, fitness, and health culture teach us.

Modern western medicine is a war machine. It’s all about the fight. The war on cancer, conquering disease, fighting infection, defeating illness, obliterating pathogens, battling mental illness and addiction. Medicine fights and fixes. It is in a constant state of war. Our doctors and nurses are “on the front lines.” They are heroes. Often times they don’t stop to eat, sleep, or go to the bathroom. The sense of urgency is everywhere. We even portray the body’s internal defenses – the immune system – as a fighting machine. Killer cells. Antibodies (literally “against the body”). We put up barricades, mount defenses, build immunity in pursuit of the enemy, illness.

In a public health crisis there is some value in the rhetoric and energy of war. We need to be on bot