Let's Work Together


Compassion Coaching provides support, guidance, and tools to discover greater ease and more joy in all areas of your life. 

We draw on your own embodied wisdom, which is rich and vast.

Sometimes we just have to remove the obstacles blocking it from view. 

There is a path to peace, regardless of the challenges you face.

So, how does this work?

I offer coaching on a sliding scale that takes into account your unique needs and means. If you think that you could benefit from what I have to offer, we will have a conversation and determine a meeting schedule and a fee structure that works for both of us. 


We work one-on-one, via Zoom (at least until it is safe to meet in person, if you are local). We discuss your goals, your challenges, and your experience and wisdom from a lifetime in your body.

I draw from a large tool box that includes mindfulness and self-compassion practices, stress resilience tools, neuropsychology, Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size, and Somatic Experiencing. I have a deep understanding of health, illness, and medicine (conventional and complimentary), and how to navigate health care to get your needs met.


What my clients tell me is that I create safe space and allow them to feel heard; that I listen and empathize and understand them deeply; that I am warm and kind; and that I am extremely smart, widely knowledgeable, resourceful, and encouraging.

In my clients' words:

"Dana gets me like almost no one else, and she's been an incredible resource and confidant as I've navigated the waters of health care and my relationship with my body.  She is completely flexible and will adapt her practice to make sure she's meeting your changing needs...whether it's being a shoulder to cry on, a person to bounce ideas off or a friend who helps you reorganize life.  For me, Dana has been a lifesaver."

"Dana, thank you so much for offering hope. You seem to be a natural with tuning in to people and knowing what to do. you are a model of compassion, support and knowledge for all in the health and healing field to follow!""

"Dana will help you feel safe, comfortable, seen, and heard. She really cares. She GETS it because she has lived through it, and her expertise is impressive."