"C" is for Connection, Community, & Calm

This is Ruby, who always reminds me to keep things in perspective. She and I rescued each other 6 1/2 years ago. She is thrilled that her humans are home all the time now!

What blessings are coming to you in this time of craziness?

I am searching for words when we are all speechless. There is nothing normal about what we are all going through right now. Fear is driving the show, for individuals, families, business, institutions, markets, and governments. And, on the other hand, I am seeing outpourings of love, care, social responsibility, compassion, communitarianism, connection, and creativity.

Know that in any moment -- at the grocery store when there is NO toilet paper again, managing cabin fever with family, debating with friends about what we should be doing -- know that in any moment you can choose to let fear and self-defense be in charge, or, you can let love and connection to others be in charge.

As a health coach I am mindful that two of the most important supports for good health and strong immune function are social connection and low stress levels. Both of those are being challenged pretty fundamentally right now. And yet there are ways we can compensate to keep ourselves as well as possible.