Body Battles and Paths to Peace #3

Part 3: Blame and Shame

At the heart of our body battles – and indeed our internal suffering in general – are blame and shame.

Though the dynamic is as old as human culture, we can see it amplified to truly historic levels right now. We’ve managed to blame and shame ourselves for just about every reaction we are having to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Is your body changing because you are stuck in your house now 24/7? You are failing COVID eating. That’s your fault. You should be ashamed.

Have you not replaced your gym workout with online Zumba? You are failing COVID fitness. That’s your fault. You should be ashamed.

Do you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol that put you at greater risk of infection, and also live in a larger body? You are failing COVID healthism. That’s your fault. You should be ashamed.

Are you more stressed than usual but not taking advantage of all the free meditation resources now being offered? You are failing COVID stress management. That’s your fault. You should be ashamed.

Are your children having more screen time, staying up later, suffering “learning loss,” not getting enough exercise? You are failing COVID parenting. Your fault. Shame.

Are you having conflicts with your adult children, now suddenly all home again? You are failing COVID adult-parenting. Your fault. Shame.