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Body Image

This is me, around age 5, before I knew what it meant to have a body.  All I knew was how I felt, what I liked and didn't like. I understood what felt good and what did not. I had no "body image" because I didn't understand what it meant to BE an image. Being in a body was a daily journey of amazing discoveries. 

You may not remember a time when you didn't feel self-conscious about your body, when you could look at a picture of yourself and not have some kind of reaction.


But your body remembers.

We can all access that place inside that knows we are enough simply because we are alive. The part that delights in simple sensations without regard for appearance.

There is a lot of talk (and seemingly endless memes) out there about body-love.


To me, that feels like too much to ask - certainly at first. So let's try neutral. Indifferent.

Imagine that your size and shape just didn't matter so much.

We need to explore our beliefs and stories to find out where the negative body thoughts come from.

Family, culture, media, the diet industry, sexism, racism, classism.

Then we can start to heal. Again we need support. We need tools. We need reinforcement.

We need community. We need to do this together so that all of us can thrive.

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