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Galway Kinnell

What you need in order to thrive
is already within you

I'd like to help you reconnect with it

Compassion changes everything

Imagine holding yourself with the same compassion you feel for those you love

Imagine being at peace with yourself exactly as you are now

Imagine a life that suits your body, your values, and your deepest wishes for your life

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Welcome ~ I'm Dana
I'm a health and life coach, a healing guide, and a health care advocate
I'm a meditation and self-compassion practitioner & teacher
I'm a writer, a spiritual seeker, a life-long learner, a mom
I'm also - just like you - a work-in-progress

You are already whole
You do not need fixing

I meet you where you are
I listen with tender care
I offer and model compassion and kindness

I offer individual and small-group coaching for

  Illness, pain, and dis/ability (including long COVID)

Autonomic dysregulation (dysautonomia)

Food and body image

  Stress, burnout, and self-care

  Health care navigation and advocacy

  Mindfulness and self-compassion practice

  Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

  Somatic awareness


My training and expertise include

  Conventional and functional health and health care

Life coaching

Compassionate Inquiry

Somatic Experiencing (level I)

Polyvagal Theory

Buddhism, Insight Meditation, mindfulness


Non-Violent Communication

Internal Family Systems (a.k.a. parts work

Intuitive Eating

Health at Every Size


Here are some ways you can learn more

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