Because "sometimes it is necessary to

reteach a thing its loveliness"

                                 -- Galway Kinnell                      

Offering trauma-sensitive, somatic, & compassion-based coaching for

  •   Stress, burnout, and self-care

  •   Chronic illness, pain, dis/ability

  •   Long COVID/COVID long-haulers

  •   Relationship with food and your body

  •   Mindfulness and self-compassion practice

  •   HSPs


Friends and clients tell me I am warm, wise, grounded, and deeply caring. I think I simply reflect back to them the preciousness that is already there.

I'm Dana. I'm a certified coach, a health expert, a mindfulness meditation guide, a scholar of history and gender studies, a former non-profit director, and a mom of two (mostly) grown kids.


Kindness and compassion have not always come easy to me. I have a lifetime of experience struggling with my body. Since my 20s, I've experienced multiple spinal surgeries, chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, digestive issues, hypothyroidism, and struggles with food, weight, and body image.


Like a lot of "achiever" types, I fought and denied and suppressed the symptoms until my body literally gave out. That was ten years ago. As I have healed, I've learned some deep truths, and developed some powerful tools to fundamentally change my relationship with my mind, my heart, and my body. You can find the whole story on the "about me" page.

I have woven these threads together with my education, training, and self-study into a powerful model of compassion coaching which I have practiced for over seven years.


What is Compassion Coaching?

I offer, model, and help you cultivate compassion, for yourself and for others. Healing happens when compassion is present. Don't we all know this on a really deep level?  Compassion can be tender or fierce.  Compassion requires wisdom, discernment, and equanimity. Compassion is love, without attachment to outcome.  I've spent decades cultivating these capacities and learning how to support their manifestation in others.

Let's talk, and see if I can be of service to you.