Peace with your body is possible.

Exactly as it is right now.

Do you have a chronic illness?

Or chronic pain?

Do you struggle with weight?

Appearance or body image?

Let me help you stop struggling and find peace with yourself and the world.

Without changing your body.

Welcome!  I'm Dana. I'm a certified health and life coach with over 7 years in practice. I was at war with my body for much of my life -- chronic pain, multiple surgeries, fibromyalgia, digestive issues, and weight and body image struggles. I've worked incredibly hard to stop trying to change my body and instead learn to live happily in it exactly as it is. In the process I've learned some deep truths, and developed some powerful tools to END the struggle with my body.

I'd love to share them with you.

Our culture teaches us to view our bodies as sites of struggle. We battle illness, conquer pain, overcome injuries, control our food, watch our weight, and wage war on obesity. The battles never end, and we never win.

The perfect body is a cruel mirage: healthy, able, and thin (and young, white, cis-gendered and heterosexual). So few of us have all of those privileges!


And yet, we all internalize the pressure to pursue that ideal at all costs. It consumes our thoughts, our time, our money, and our energy. No wonder so many of us are exhausted.

Imagine you could let it all go. Relax. Accept.

Be well, happy, and at peace in the body you have, right now.

Because your body is your paintbrush, not your canvas

It is hard to be kind your body while you're also struggling to change it. It's hard to take good care of a body that you don't really like, that you sometimes hate.

But it's possible.


It's possible to stop the war.  It's possible to feel peace and ease in your body and your mind. 

It begins with acceptance, compassion, and a whole lot of support.

Our work together can fundamentally change your relationship with

your body, your mind, your emotions & your health.

You will learn to:

Listen to your body rather than struggle with it

Accept your body as it is now

Stop spending your time, energy, and resources trying to change it

Stop comparing and judging yourself

Establish a lifestyle and pace that fits your body

Have more self-compassion

Determine what health means to you

Get your needs met from your healthcare providers

Eat intuitively so that you have ease, freedom, and joy with food

Spend your time on what matters most to you

I invite you to explore

There's no right or wrong way to do this

There's peace and freedom on the other side,

And plenty of tools to get you there.

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(c) Dana L. Barron, PhD, 2020