Let's Work Together

We start where you are. We envision where you want to be.


Frustrated with previous efforts to change, control,

or make peace with your body?

Aware of the harsh inner critic but unsure

how to quiet her down?

Confused by all the conflicting nutrition

advice that comes at you?

Worried about weight and health?

Unsatisfied with your current health habits

or health care team?


A sense of peace when you look in a mirror?

To eat what makes you happy?

To go to a restaurant without first

researchingthe menu online?

To stop talking and hearing about weight and diets?

To have ease and joy with movement?

To make peace with chronic pain or illness?

To learn to listen to your body's subtle messages? 

You are not alone!


Our culture keeps us on a pretty tight leash when it comes to "good" and "bad" bodies, and "good" and "bad" health behaviors. It's the water we swim in - we don't even see it.

Letting that paradigm go is counter-cultural. It's hard. It doesn't happen fast.

But we can learn to stop the judgement!


The freedom is THERE on the other side, that I can promise. I have seen it and I have lived it.


As my dad used to say, the only way out is through.

Some words from my clients

"Dana gets me like almost no one else, and she's been an incredible resource and confidant as I've navigated the waters of health care and my relationship with my body.  She is completely flexible and will adapt her practice to make sure she's meeting your changing needs...whether it's being a shoulder to cry on, a person to bounce ideas off or a friend who helps you reorganize life.  For me, Dana has been a lifesaver."

"Dana, thank you so much for offering hope. You seem to be a natural with tuning in to people and knowing what to do. you are a model of compassion, support and knowledge for all in the health and healing field to follow!""

Dana will help you feel safe, comfortable, seen, and heard. She really cares. She GETS it because she has lived through it, and her expertise is impressive."

How Does This Work?

Individualized one-on-one coaching, in person or online

Each person is unique -- with her own story, concerns, priorities and needs. Our relationship and your coaching program are personally tailored to you. There are many paths to body kindness -- together we will chart yours. I act as teacher and guide, cheerleader and advocate. 


This is a brave journey you are about to undertake and I assure you, I will be with you every step of the way. 

It's an investment in peace and joy with food, movement, and your body. 


It's an experience that will change everything.


Learn more about my practice and the tools we will use together


Here in the Frequently Asked Questions area, you will find details about how I work, using body kindness, intuitive eating, a health-at-every-size approach, and more.


Here you can schedule your 30-minute complimentary Discovery Call

Scheduling and Fees

Your first coaching session (in-person or online) will be 90 minutes so that we can really get to know each other. We will discuss your history, your goals, and any questions you may have about the process. The fee for the initial session is $190. During your initial session we will also develop our plan to move forward.

Follow-up sessions (in-person or online) are 60 minutes and can be scheduled "as you go," or in packages. We can discuss the options at our initial visit and I will help you decide.  Payment plans are available.

Single Follow-up session (60 minutes):  $130

Package of 8 sessions (10% discount):  $935

Package of 15 sessions (15% discount):  $1660

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