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Mindfulness Group for COVID Long-Haulers

COVID long-haulers - those whose symptoms have persisted beyond what's considered "normal" - face unique and unprecedented challenges.

In addition to a wide array of physical symptoms, you're faced with fear and uncertainty about the future, lack of adequate medical knowledge and resources, stigma and ostracism, dismissal and disbelief that your condition is "real," and stress about jobs, family responsibilities, finances, and more.

As a long-term survivor of fibromyalgia, thyroid disease, and digestive disorders, AND as a professionally-trained health coach, I can relate to all of it, personally and professionally.

To help and to give back in this unprecedented crisis, I am offering a small-group, online program: Mindfulness for COVID Long-Haulers.


This program is designed specifically for people experiencing extended symptoms from COVID-19.

Mindfulness can improve nearly every aspect of physical and mental health, according to extensive research.

This program has three main objectives:

1)   Provide affirmation, support, and live community for long-haulers

2)  Provide concrete guidance and coping strategies

3)  Provide an introduction to mindfulness and teach practices you can do on your own. The practices will be customized to suit your needs  through interactive group coaching.


Here are the specifics:

  • Small group

  • 60-minute meetings via video conference, once per week, for eight weeks (with an option to extend)

  • Meeting content will include:

    • introductions and telling your story

    • resources and strategies for coping with your unique situation

    • instruction in mindfulness practice and resources for continued practice

    • Q & A

  • The program is offered on a voluntary contribution basis. Suggested contribution is $10 - $20 per person, per week

DATE AND TIME:  Thursdays at noon Eastern Time (US) beginning October 8, 2020


Space  is limited. If you are interested, please respond promptly.

Please note:  I am not a medical professional. No medical advice will be shared in this program.

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Mindfulness Group for Lyme, Fibro, & ME/CFS

This group will be coming later this fall.

I am currently deciding on a date and time so if you're interested, please share your info and preferences below.

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