Stop struggling with your body

Start listening to it

Welcome! I'm thrilled that you're here!

If you're ready to live more kindly and peacefully in your body, you've come to the right place. Have a seat. Get comfy.

Just for a moment, imagine that how your body looks doesn't matter. Imagine you believe -- in your bones -- that your body is perfect exactly how it is. Imagine trusting your appetite to guide your food choices rather than a set of rules. And imagine understanding (because it's true) that your weight, by itself, has only a MINOR (if any) impact on your overall health. Whoa, what? Yup.

It may sound a little crazy. That's because it's pretty much the exact opposite of how we've all been taught to relate to our bodies. But, think about this:  how much stress, how much time, how much money, how many lost opportunities for joy has it cost you to try and control or change your body?

And how has that worked out for you?  

Not so well, if you are like most people.

I bet you've blamed yourself. Well, it's not your fault.

The idea that we can control how our bodies look and function is a harmful myth

How many negative thoughts about yourself do you have per day? For how many years? What if all that energy could be freed up for other things? Are you willing to consider what a change like this could mean for you?

Peace with food. Peace and ease in your body. A kinder inner voice. Confidence in your health, regardless of your size. A community to support you.

That's Body Kindness. It has changed my life in every way. It can change yours too.

Because your body is your paintbrush, not your canvas

It is hard to be kind your body while you're also struggling to change it. It's hard to take good care of a body that you don't really like, that you sometimes hate.

But it's possible.


It's possible to stop the war.  It's possible to feel peace and ease in your body and your mind. 

It begins with acceptance, compassion, and a whole lot of support.

Body kindness coaching will fundamentally change your relationship with food, your body, and your health

Eat intuitively so that you have ease, freedom, and joy with food

Accept your body as it is now

Stop spending your time, energy, and resources trying to change it

Stop comparing and judging

Slow down

Have more self-compassion

Determine what health means to you

Get your needs met from your healthcare providers

Spend your time on what matters most to you

You'll be able to:

I invite you to explore.

There is no right or wrong way to do this. 

And all you have to lose is a mindset that no longer serves you..
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(c) Dana L. Barron, PhD, 2020