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The Compassionate Eating Coaching Program

Rediscover ease and joy in your relationship with food

Experience peace with and acceptance of your body

Move for the love of movement

Cultivate and practice self care and self compassion

Uncouple food and weight from "health"

Free up time and energy for your passions

What is "Compassionate Eating?" 

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Compassionate eating is your birthright.

You were born knowing what you needed to feel nourished.

There were no thoughts about "good" and "bad" foods, or good and bad bodies.

But, as we're socialized, we are tragically disconnected from that inner knowing. 

We learn to fear,  judge, and control our body size and appearance.

We learn to fear, judge, and control our food choices.

The Compassionate Eating Coaching Program involves unlearning all of that.

You'll rediscover your inborn ease, peace, kindness, and delight with food and your body.​

Compassionate eating restores your intuition and felt sense of satisfaction

It calls on your innate capacity to care for and have compassion for yourself

It allows you to release fear and vigilance around food and your body

Together we will explore

Your personal food and body autobiography

Familial and cultural influences on diet and body image

What true health and well-being mean to you

Why self-acceptance and self-compassion are so challenging

How you can overcome those challenges

Developing your personal compassionate eating and body acceptance tool kit

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The Four Domains​

Your relationship with food and your body involves emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and somatic (felt or embodied) experience. Developing peace, ease, and joy with food and the body involves attention and inquiry in all four domains. They interact with and reinforce each other and so attention to all four is needed to achieve the program's objectives. 

Each of us is unique and each person's journey will be their own.

Other things to note

This is not a diet or weight loss program

The program does not support restrictive eating plans or other efforts aimed at changing the body

It is not designed to address specific physical health problems

It incorporates some principles from Intuitive Eating, but it differs in some significant ways

It incorporates the key tenets of Health at Every Size

It is open to and welcomes people of all shapes and sizes without bias or judgment